Johann Bussemacher (worked about 1580 – 1613), also called: Buxemacher or Bussemecher. Engraver, printer and publisher in Cologne.

Bussemacher, a trained copper engraver from Düsseldorf, lived in Cologne from 1583. There he ran a publishing house with his own printing press. He printed and published mainly geographical works, but he also made many copper engravings with religious themes. From about 1600 he was the best and most important printer in Cologne and the high-quality copper engravings made in his print shop became very popular.

Matthias Quad (1557 - 1613), full name: Matthias Quad von Kinckelbach. Engraver and geographer.

Matthias Quad was trained as an engraver first under Jan (Johannes) van Deutecum (worked about 1554-1606) in Deventer and then under Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1616) in Haarlem. From about 1587 until 1604 Matthias Quad lived in Cologne, where he worked as a copper engraver and writer of historico-geographical texts. For atlases, published from 1592 by Johann Bussemacher (worked about 1580-1613) in Cologne, he created many copper engravings as well as the texts in German.

During 1592 to 1604 Matthias Quad wrote many historical and geographical texts and books in German and Latin. Most of them had been published in Cologne. In 1604 he had to leave Cologne for religious reasons. After that he worked as an engraver for publishers in Heidelberg and Nuremberg, but also still for publishers in Cologne. In 1608 his atlas 'Fasciculus Geographicus' was published by Johann Bussemacher in Cologne and his major work 'Teutscher Nation Herligkeit', a book with historico-cultural regional studies of Germany, was also published in Cologne, by Wilhelm Lützenkirchen in 1609.