Wien - Stadtplan und Ansicht
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Vienna > Town plan and view

"Wien die Welt Berühmte Kayserl. Resid. Stadt nach ihrem Prospect u. Grund Riss, samt anstossender Gegend und neuen Linien um die Vor-Städte, verfertigt und verlegt Matth. Seutter in Augsp. D.R.K.M.G."

Large decorative town plan of Vienna with its suburbs, title cartouche with an eagle at upper right, explanations to the plan at upper left. Below large panoramic view of Vienna with its own title: "Prospect der Kayserl. Residenz Stadt Wien, wie solche von Mitternacht anzusehen." Surrounded by an oval frame in the style of the Rococo period with allegorical depictions: left with the siege of Vienna by the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire and at the right side with Athena the goddess of wisdom, strategy and skill, holding the coat of arms of Vienna.

Copper engraving, the town plan is originally coloured, the view black and white, made by Matthäus Seutter, published by Tobias Lotter, Augsburg about 1760, with privilege, 57 x 49 cm.

Good impression, nice original colours, perfect condition.

€ 900,-