Rugendas: Lady & fisherman
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Title: „Nègre & Négresse de Bahia“

A fisherman presenting his freshly caught fish at the coast of Bahia to a potentially interested woman.

Handcoloured Lithography by Maurin after Johann Moritz Rugendas (1802 – 1858), published by Engelmann, Paris-Mühlhausen, 1827, Pl. 8.

Print size: 29,5 cm x 24 cm

Lithography with bright colours on strong paper, some wrinkles and slightly stained, altogether in good condition.

Cp.: Thieme-Becker Vol. XXIX, p.181 ff.

€ 350,-

Johann Moritz Rugendas (1802-1858) accompanied the Baron of Langsdorff on his expedition in the year 1825 to Brazil. Rugendas made some sketches and water paintings of the people, their customs and the landscapes of Brazil during the expedition, which he later published in „Malerische Reise in Brasilien“, 1835.