Bodmer - Baumgräber
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Karl Bodmer - Tombs of Assiniboin Indians on Trees.

“Assiniboin Baumgräber. Tombeaux des Assiniboins dans des Arbres. Tombs of Assiniboin Indian on trees.” - Tab. 30.

Like the Sioux, this tribe frequently placed their dead in a platform raised by a scaffold of tree limbs. Maximilian and Bodmer saw several tree burials around Fort Union in July 1833 and Bodmer painted one on July 4th. In the later print three prowling wolves are added at the base of the tree.

Engraving and etching by Pierre Eugène Aubert (1789-1847) after a watercolour painting by Karl Bodmer (Joslyn's collection KBA 198), from Prince Maximilian's “Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834”.

First state (Ruud 2004, p 181) for a German or French edition, printed by Bougeard, Paris, 1837-43, on large wove paper (papier vélin), published by Jakob Hölscher, Koblenz, 1837-42 or by Arthus Bertrand, Paris, 1840-43.

Plate mark: 42,5 x 36,5 cm, paper size: 61 x 44 cm (printed on large paper). With blind stamp: C. Bodmer.

€ 2.200,-