Münster: Great Britain - Scotland - Irland
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Europe - Great Britain - England - Scotland - Ireland

Title: „Engellandt mit dem anstossenden Reich Schottlandt so vorzeiten Albion und Britannia haben heissen.“

Decorative couloured wood cut map, depicts England with Scotland and parts of Ireland, with elaborate information of the, rivers, mountains and cities. At the bottom right a title cartouche with mile indicator.

Cartographer: Sebastian Münster (1489-1552),“ Cosmgraphia“, Basel 1570

Publisher: Heinrich Petri, Basel 1570/88

Verso - text in German

Print size: 31,5 cm x 35,5 cm

Beautiful coloured wood cut map in excellent condition.
Lit.: Shirley (British Isles) # 28

€ 620,-

Sebastian Münster (1488 Ingelheim - Basel 1552). Cosmographer, cartographer and Christian Hebraist.

Georg Reisch, one of his famous teachers, a cosmographer, scholar and writer of the encyclopedia „Margarita Philosophica“, inspired Münster to study geography, Hebraic and science. Münster translated Ptolemy's „Geographia“ from Greek to Latin and published it together with 48 maps, created after Ptolemy's descriptions. The first edition was published by Heinrich Petri, Basel 1540.
Münster's main work, the „Cosmographia“, a world history written by several historians and richly illustrated by impoprtant artists of his time, kept him busy for many years. The first edition was published in Latin by Heinrich Petri, Basel 1544. Included was a set of maps, with a world map and for the first time maps of the 4 continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia. All the other maps published show more detailed areas of Europe, Africa and Asia. The „Cosmographia“ had been reissued, revised and extended for many times and was published in many different languages till 1628. It was one of the most successful and popular books of the 16th century. Münster also published many other works, e.g. several Habrew grammars.