Osteuropa - Waldseemüller
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Northeastern Europe - Sarmatia

„Ocatava Europe Tabula” - „Samartia Europe”

Map of the European part of Sarmatia between the Vistula and Don river and the Baltic and Black Sea (Sea of Azov), with the areas of the countries of the Baltic states, of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Belarussia, and Russia. Trapeze-shaped in the style of Ptolemy.

Orig. coloured woodcut map from the „Geographia“ by Martin Waldseemüller after Ptolemy, edited by Georg Übelin, printed and published by Johannes Schott, Strasbourg 1520, ca. 39 x 49 cm (map size). Islands and mountain chains originally coloured.

Very good condition, wide margins.

€ 7.000,-