Homann Heirs: China, Mongolia & Japan
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Russia – Tartary – Mongolia – Siberia – China – Korea – Japan

Title: "Carte Generale de la Tatarie Chinoise et des Rojaumes de Corée et de Iapan“ - "Tatariae Sinensis Mappa Geographica...“

Detailed map of Northern Russia up to the Pacific Ocean, with parts of China, the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. At the upper left the title cartouche; various mileage scale indicators in all four corners of the map.

Original coloured copper engraving, printed from two plates by Johannes Tobias Mayer (1723-1762) after Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (1697-1782), published by Homann Heirs, Nuremberg 1749.
This map is inspired by a design of Jean-François Gerbillon, a Jesuit priest, mathematician and cartographer who lived and worked in China.

Print size: 51 cm x 79 cm

Nuanced print and colours on strong paper, typical map folding, minor creases, altogether in very good condition.

Cp.: Sandler: J.B.Homann, die Homännischen Erben…p. 126, No. 123 and No. 124

€ 1.250,-