Homann: Aegyptus Hodierna
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Egypt – Nil delta and Nil river – North Africa

Title:“ Aegytus Hodierna – Das Heutige Aegypten aus der Reyßbeschreibung des berühmten Hn Paul Lucas gezoge und mit folgenden Denckwürdigkeiten herausgegeben von Johann Bapt. Homann Keyserl. Geogr. In Nürnbg.“

Beautiful map of the whole river course of the Nile, starting at its origin the Victoria-Falls to its end at the Nile Delta in the Mediterranean Sea. In the east the Red Sea and a part of the Sinai Peninsula. In the West the fertile river banks of the Nile. On the left, below the title, depictions of the most important places along the river and old Egyptian customs.

This map was first published in the Homann atlas in 1716, this copy is from 1722, after Homann was appointed as Royal Geographer.

Original coloured copper engraving by Johann Baptist Homann, Nuremberg c. 1722.

Nuanced print in very good condition and colours.

€ 490,-