Manuscript: Initial “H”
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Manuscript: Initial “H” verso
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Large medieval manuscript

Large medieval manuscript on a very fine single vellum leaf out of an Italian Antiphonary with elegant written text and music on both sides. A large Inital H (18 x 18 cm) painted in the colours blue and red with white highlights. The manuscript is framed by an 3-4 cm wide bordure, with rose petal medallions. Six medallions with figures of animals, an eagle, a lion, a pelican and others. Those animals are symbols for the evangelists. Text written in a fine gothic hand in black and blue ink. Square notation on four-line red staves (recto and verso).

Italy around 1500

Leaf-size: 57 cm x 41 cm

Fine vellum leaf, in the bottom part of the bordure some minor water stains, altogether in good condition

€ 1.500,-