Britische Inseln - Waldseemüller
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Western Europe - British Isles: Great Britain and Ireland

„Tabula Nova Hibernie Anglie et Scotie“

Map of the British Isles with the coastline from Brittany (Bretagne) to Denmark, from the supplement of Ptolemy's „Geographia“ by Waldseemüller.

One of the first printed 'modern' maps of England, Scotland and Ireland. Waldseemüller revised the coastlines and added several towns, e.g. London at the Themse river.

Woodcut map from the supplement of the „Geographia“ by Martin Waldseemüller, edited by Jacob Essler and Georg Übelin, printed and published by Johannes Schott, Strasbourg 1513, 36 x 51,5 cm (map size).

Perfect condition, wide margins.