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Compass Rose - Compass of the four Winds

"Boussole des Vents ou leur noms tant Anciens que Modernes sont dividez ou six Cercles suivant les principales Nations de L´Europe”.

A compass rose diveded in 21 parts with the cardinal directions and the description of the most important European nations. In each corner is a portrait of one of the four allegories of the winds, in the left corner you can see Septentrion (North), in the upper right corner: Orient (East), in the bottom left corner: Occident (West) and in the bottom right corner: Midi (South).

Copper engraving by Francois Jaillot with fine contemporary colour out of „Neptune Francois“, Mortier, Amsterdam around 1700

Size: 37 cm x 37 cm

Beautiful contemprary colour, wide margins, perfect conditions