Yoshitoshi: Itsukushima moonYoshitoshi: Itsukushima moon
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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

An elegant Heian period courtesan from the port of Muro boating at full moon under the Torii pillars of the famous Itsukushima (Miyajima) shrine. She carries her umbrella and a small hand drum with her.

Title: Itsukushima no tsuki – Muro no yûjo (Itsukushima moon – a Muro courtesan)

Series: Tsuki hyakushi (One Hundred Aspects of the Moon)

Signature: Yoshitoshi

Seal: Tais

Block cutter: Enkatsu

Publisher: Akiyama Buemon

Date: Meiji 19 (1886)

Size: Vertical Oban, 32,8 x 22,3 cm (image size)

Very good impression and colour, with gaufrage (blind printing). Retains old album backing. Excellent condition.

Cf.: Stevenson, Yoshitoshi’s one hundred aspects of the moon, No. 21 (Ill.). Van den Ing/Schaap, Beauty & Violence, No. 54.20

€ 550,-