Keishû - Bijin and master potterKeishû - Bijin and master potter
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Takeuchi Keishû (1861-1942)

A potter inspects a full Noborigama kiln. An inset shows an elegant Bijin in the style of the Muromachi period.

Seal: Keishû

Publisher: Bungei Kurabu

Date: 1900-10

Size: 21,1 x 28,5 cm

Kuchi-e (frontispiece woodblock print). From: Bungei Kurabu, vol. 6, No 1 („Wankyu Monogatari“).

Very good impression and colours, with glossy overprint. Not mounted. A tiny bit trimmed, paper a little bit worn at upper right, and two vertical folds  (smoothed), as usual for Kuchi-e. Very good condition.

Lit.: Merritt/Yamada, Woodblock Kuchi-e Prints, Honolulu, 2000.

€ 160,-