Sadanobu I - 2 zodiacal signsSadanobu I - 2 zodiacal signs
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Hasegawa Sadanobu I (1809-1879)

Right side: The actor Uchikwa Ebizô V in the role of Kajiwara Heizô in front of a shishi (stone lion) (Drama: Kajiwara Heizô kôbei tazuna) – zodiacal sign in a round cartouche: Inu (dog).
Left side: Kataoka Gadô II in the role of Hayano Kanpei at night, wearing a musket under his left arm. (Drama: Chûshingura) - zodiacal sign in a round cartouche: I (boar).

Series: Chûkô jûnishi no uchi (Twelfe Zodiacal Characters of Loyalty and Filial Piety)

Signature: Sadanobu

Publisher: Kyô Isa, Osaka

Date: Kaei 2 (1849)

Size: 2 Chûban, each 23,3 x 17 cm

Very nice deluxe print, perfect colours, printed with metal pigments and with relief printing. Originally mounted. Right sheet with a few minor spots, left sheet with a vertical fold at right margin, a few creases, otherwise very good condition.

Fig. (in this combination): Sadanobu collection of the Kansai University No 208445536.