Yoshitoshi - Warrior and kannon deityYoshitoshi - Warrior and kannon deity
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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

Nitta Tadatsune explores with a torch a cave at Mount Fuji, where the deity Kannon will appear to him.

Title: Nitta Tadatsune dochu ni kii o miru zu (Nitta Tadatsune Seeing an Apparition in a Cave)

Series: Shinkei (or Shingata) Sanjûrokkaisen (New Forms of Thirty-six Ghosts)

Signature: Yoshitoshi

Seal: Yoshitoshio

Woodcutter: Hori Yu

Publisher: Sasaki Toyokichi

Date: Meiji 23 (1890)

Size: Oban, 35,8 x 23,8 cm (paper size)

Very good impression, colours and condition. With relief printing and glossy overprint, old backing.

„The carefull (!) printing and the use of special effects like gauffrage, dosa and surface polishing makes this a perfect example of Meiji-publishing” Charlotte van Rappard-Boon, in: The Age of Yoshitoshi. catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Prints, Part V, Rijksprentenkabinet, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 1990, pp 40.

Van den Ing/Schaap, Beauty & Violence, pp 141. No 65.20.
Fig. in: Stevenson, Yoshitoshi’s Thirty-Six Ghosts, Seattle 19922, No XXI (pp 60)