Eisen: Beauty arranging IkebanaEisen: Beauty arranging Ikebana
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Keisei Eisen (1790-1848)

A seated beauty arranging an Ikebana of iris blossoms in a bronze Uzubata vessel. In the square cartouche a geisha on an evening walk with her guests.

Title: Shigatsu kyaku no gyôkai (ikikai) – Okamoto-ya Suganosuke (Going out with guests in the fourth month– The courtesan Suganosuke from the Okamoto house)

Series: Yoshiwara yôji kuruwa no shikishi (Four Seasons in the Pleasure Quarters: Annual Events in the Yoshiwara)

Signature: Keisei Eisen ga

Censor: Kiwame

Publisher: Tsutaya Jûzaburô (Kôshodô), Edo

Date: c. 1821-23

Size: Vertical Oban, 36,5 x 26 cm

Excellent impression, colours and condition.

Rare image from a series of 12 prints. Cf. Victoria & Albert Museum, No. E.12964-1886 (another colour variant). Catalogue Chiba City Museum of Art, Keisai Eisen: Artist of the Floating World, 2012, p. 289, no. 214-4.