Kôitsu: Mt. Fuji in the Morning lightKôitsu: Mt. Fuji in the Morning light
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Tsuchiya Kôitsu (1870-1949)

Mt. Fuji in the Morning light.

Title: Yananaka-ko (Lake Yamanaka)

Seal: Katsutarô (?) saku

Publisher: Baba Nobuhiko

Date: Shôwa 13 (1938)

Size: Vertical Oban, 36,7 x 23,8 cm (block size)

Excellent impression, colours and condition. Early edition of this rare print, seal: „Katsutarô“ (? reading after Ross Walker) with very fine visible wood grain. Paper minimally toned, at the margins slightly backed with thin stripes of red presentation paper, without publisher seal.
Cp.: Walker/Doi, Catalogue Raisonné of Tsuchiya Koitsu, No. TK-BN-7, fig. 2.13, p. 28, for a detailed disussion p. 17ff.