Shôzan: Liebespaar vor offener VerandaShôzan: Liebespaar vor offener Veranda
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Koikawa Shôzan (1821-1907)

A pair of Lovers in a room next to a table with various dishes, the open veranda presenting a view on to the crowded bridge and numerous boats on the river.

Title: untitled

From: Shiki no orifushi (Moments in the Four Seasons)

Date: 1858

Size: Vertical aiban, 21,3 x 32 cm

Beautiful, luxurious print with brilliant colours, embossing, burnishing and metal pigments (oxidized) on heavy paper. Horizontal centrefold, only some minor flaws, altogether in very good condition.

The foreword of this work signed with the pseudonymous Insutei, sometimes also ascribed to Utagawa Kunimori II (cf. Klefisch, cat. 84).
A further copy of this print in the collection of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Achenbach Foundation, Inv. No. 1973.9.4 (here ascribed to Kunisada).
Images of the complete series in: Ofer Shagan, Japanese Erotic Art. The Hidden World of Shunga, London 2013, p. 152f., the foreword only in: Ders., Encyclopedia of Japanese Erotic Art: Shunga – vol. I , Tokyo 2011, p. 096, No.11.
Very rare!