Toshikata: The Ornamental BallToshikata: The Ornamental Ball
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Mizuno Toshikata (1866-1908)

A young woman dressed in a fashionable Meisen (Ikat)-Kimono, entangling the ribbons of a Kusudama-ball with flowers (probably a New Year's decoration).

Untitled (Kusudama - The Ornamental Ball)

Signature: Toshikata

Seal: Toshikata

Kuchi-e (frontispiece woodblock print), most likely published in „Bungei Kurabu“

Publisher: Hakubunkan, Tokyo

Date: 1902

Size: aiban, horizontal format, 22 x 30,6 cm

Fine print with very good coulours, burnishing and metal pigments (slightly oxidized). Two vertical folds (common with kuchi-e), very fine condition.

Cf.: National Library of Australia, Digital Collection, Clough Collection of kuchie, No. 5744770. Also in the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, No. JP3281