Shinmei - Flowering IrisShinmei - Flowering Iris
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Katô Shinmei (1910-1988)

Flowering Iris.

Title: Hana Shôbu (Flowering Iris)

Signature: Shinmei

Seal: Shinmei

Woodcutter: Ôkura Hanbei III (?)

Printer: Ono Tomi(saburô)

Publisher: Kondô Kihachirô (seal at margin), Takamizawa (stamp at the lower back side and relief printing at lower left margin)

Date: Shôwa 29 (1954)

Size: Dai-Oban, 38 x 25,6 cm

Very nice impression and colours. In the left margin two tiny holes, due to the printing process. A little bit creased, weak fold at lower right corner (smoothed), otherwise very good condition.

Prints made by this artist are very rare. The combined appearance of these two publishers is quite unusual. The names of the woodcutter and printer are difficult to read (relief printing at left margin).
Lit.: Merritt/Yamada, p 56.