Bakufû - Blackhead Sea BreamsBakufû - Blackhead Sea Breams
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Ôno (Ohno) Bakufû (1888-1976)

Blackhead Sea Breams (Jap.: kurodai, Lat.: Acanthopagrus Schlegelii).

Series: Dai Nihon gyorui gashû (Familiar Fishes of Japan)

Signature: Bakufû

Seal: Bakufû

Publisher: Kyôto Hanga-in (Kyoto Hangain Ltd. and the same in Japanese) at lower back margin

Date: first 1939 – this edition ca. 1950

Size: Oban, 27 x 39 cm (woodblock size)

Very nice impression and colours, printed with some mica and some laquer style printing. Somewhat later print from the original woodblocks. Round red seal (hanabishi-mon) on lower left. Perfect condition.