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"Alcune di Archi Trionfali, ed alti Monumenti inalzati da Romani parte de quali si Veggono in Roma, e parte per L´Italia desegnati ed incisi dal Cavalier Gio. Battista Piranesi"

At the beginning of the 1740s, when the young Giovanni Battista Piranesi returned from Venice to Rome, still under the artistic influence of Marco Ricci, Tiepolo and Canaletto, he started his small sized series „Vedute di Archi Trionfali…“. The first part, as the name suggested, focuses on depicting the many arch monuments in Rome, the second part are mainly images of major monuments of the various regions in Italy.

Arthur Hind, GB Piranesi (Reprint, London 1974): The later edition of  „Vedute di Archi Trionfali“ with the sheets  5 and 32 dated c. 1778-1792.
John Wilton-Ely, „Giovanni Battista Piranesi – Vision und Werk“, Hirmer Munich 1978.